Those who have provided photographs to the collection (some of whom own the copyright to those photographic images), have given their permission for them to be used for the benefit of the community, for personal study, educational and leisure purposes.  The images should not therefore be used for any commercial purposes.

      All reasonable steps have been taken to identify copyright ownership of the images, where it exists (and their permission obtained to use them for the purposes outlined above). Where this has not been possible it has been assumed that the copyright resides with the donor of the picture until it can be shown otherwise.

      The following individuals and organisations have contributed images to the full collection (of which this site provides only a sample):

Margaret Abbasi (MA)
F A Bartlett (FB) 
Ken & Doreen Blake (KB)    
Earnest Clerk, as Chairman of the Tithe Barn Committee (EC)  >
Tim Curr (TC)
David Denley (DD)          
Gloucestershire County Library, Arts & Museums Service (GCLAMS)
Jack Hawkes (JH)
Doreen Jenkins (DJ)
Charles and Nancy Minett (MT)
Stewart Minett (SM)            
Iris Parry (IP)
Sid Powell (SP)
Molly Quilter (MQ)
Douglas Quilter (DQ)
Mike & Sheila Ralls (MR)
Jim & Thelma Stevenson (TS)
Mike & Jenny Smith (JS)
Nancy Shipway-Black (NSB)
Grace Staite (GS)
Derrick Blake (DB)
Vera Gardner (VG)
Jim Gardner (JG)
William & Joan Potter (WP)
Rector & Church Warden of St Michael's & All Angels (RCW)
Richard & Catriona Smith (RCS)
Dick Molesworth (DM)
Eunice Powell (EP)
Don Leech (DL)
Barry Greengrow (BG)
Mr Humpharies (H)
Caroline Meller (CM)
David Aldred (DA)
Norman Higson (NH)